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Your Choices For Natural Anxiety Relief  Health News For Families

Your Choices For Natural Anxiety Relief

For people who suffer from panic attacks, there are a number of products and techniques available today that provide natural anxiety relief. Many of these have been proven to be highly effective in easing the devastating symptoms that accompany these attacks.

A very popular treatment today is aromatherapy. Many cultures have utilized this method over thousands of years to provide relief from the devastating symptoms of panic attacks. In aromatherapy, essential oils are derived from the roots, bark, leaves, stems and flowers of a variety of plants. These oils are then either placed under the tongue, applied topically, mixed into a bath, sprayed in the air or massaged into different areas of the body. Candles are also scented with these oils and when burned, can permeate the entire living area with the fragrance.

Stress levels in the body are dramatically reduced when the senses are stimulated with the aromatherapy oils. Along with providing natural anxiety relief for panic attack sufferers, this treatment has been known to help individuals who suffer from other disorders as well. Aromatherapy has provided relief in cases of depression, sleeping complications, menopause-related symptoms, pain and blood pressure problems.

There are also a variety of anti-anxiety herbs available for natural anxiety relief. These are called nervines, and help the user to wind down from the high alert of a panic attack. It would be wise to experiment with the different herbs prior to being in a panic situation to know which ones and how much works best for you. Some of the commonly used, effective herbal nervines are oatstraw, German chamomile, lemon balm, skullcap, valerian and passionflower.

Many people prefer acupuncture as their method of choice for treating panic and anxiety. This ancient Chinese practice works by stimulating various points along the energy channels of the body to free up blocked energy and restore normal energy flows. Pain and illness are very often cause by blocked energy along these pathways. Only a qualified Acupuncturist should attempt treatment using this method.

Proper breathing also provides relief from anxiety and panic. It has been found that people who suffer from anxiety are chest breathers. Breathing from the diaphragm will help bring relief. Optimally, breathing frequency should be reduced to 6 breaths per minute. But dont wait until an attack occurs to try this as it is something that needs to be learned and practiced regularly.

Meditation and relaxation are highly effective in alleviating symptoms and even preventing anxiety and panic attacks. Meditation serves the mind by replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts, and relaxation exercises serve the body by removing stress and tension. These techniques, when learned and practiced daily, will make relief much easier to achieve.

Many anxiety sufferers today are walking away from drugs and opting for natural anxiety relief. Discover how to stop anxiety as well as how to prevent panic attacks by visiting today.

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